Nay Pwint
Class of 2012, elec­trical engi­neering major
Co-​​op in Denmark

I am a hard­ware engi­neer in the R&D depart­ment at BK Med­ical, working on a pro­to­type for a new board that will be part of an ultra­sound system. Working with both analog and dig­ital cir­cuitry is teaching me a lot about how the entire ultra­sound system works.

What I love is that I am not just an intern who is here to learn. I carry out many impor­tant tasks, such as designing schematics for front-​​end eval­u­a­tion boards—part of our next-​​generation product. I have also researched a new set of parts for our next-​​generation systems.

All my co-​​workers are pas­sionate and tal­ented, which brings an unpar­al­leled level of excite­ment and hap­pi­ness to work. At BK Med­ical, people have exper­tise in many dif­ferent fields of study, allowing me to learn a lot in any area I want to pursue.

It’s inspiring to be part of a com­pany that makes med­ical devices that improve the health of others and ben­efit all soci­eties around the world. In addi­tion, expo­sure to the cor­po­rate cul­ture in Den­mark is broad­ening my inter­na­tional expe­ri­ence and will give me a com­pet­i­tive advan­tage in the job market after I graduate.

I live in a stu­dent res­i­dency com­mu­nity close to down­town Copen­hagen. Every day after work, I explore the city. Most of the build­ings are quite old, with great archi­tec­ture and full of history.

This kind of experiential-​​learning opportunity—combined with the flex­i­bility to pursue any­thing I set my mind to in both my aca­d­emic and pro­fes­sional environments—are just two of the many rea­sons I chose to attend Northeastern.