This weekend, nearly all pur­chasable goods in the Com­mon­wealth of Mass­a­chu­setts are on sale—not because shop­keepers are eager to make a deal, but because the state gov­ern­ment is elim­i­nating the 6.25 per­cent sales tax during Sat­urday and Sunday only. Stores across the state will extend their hours and brace for the crowds.

Clothing and jew­elry: Mass­a­chu­setts never charges sales tax on clothes—unless you’re pur­chasing an item that costs more than $175. So if you’ve had your eye on some high-​​end duds, this weekend could be the time to buy. Jew­elry will also be sales tax–free this weekend. Buy a bauble for that spe­cial someone—or for your­self (we won’t judge).

Elec­tronics: Let’s face it, you’ve cov­eted a new TV or com­puter for a while now. This weekend, you might decide to nab that new flat screen from Best Buy or that laptop from the Apple Store, which is noto­rious for never having sales. Many busi­nesses are already run­ning back-​​to-​​school deals for gad­gets; sub­tracting the sales tax just makes those deals that much more attractive.

Fur­ni­ture: Some of the best bar­gains will likely be found at fur­ni­ture stores, espe­cially at such local places as Cardi’s, Jordan’s Fur­ni­ture and Bernie and Phyl’s, which have sales planned for the weekend. This means even more oppor­tu­ni­ties to get a good deal on new fur­ni­ture for your dorm, apart­ment or home. Many stores will let you make your selec­tions ahead of time and post­pone delivery—you only have to pay this weekend to get your deal.

The fine print: The tax hol­iday runs Sat­urday, Aug. 13, and Sunday, Aug. 14. Note that retail items costing more than $2,500 will still be sub­ject to sales tax; so will cars, boats, meals and tobacco products.