Who says you can’t find good bar­becue north of the Mason-​​Dixon line? Not us. Here are some of our favorites:

55 Chester St., Davis Square, Somerville
Why go? When it opened in 1987, Red­bones was one of the only bar­becue restau­rants in the North­east. It has remained one of the most pop­ular because of its simply deli­cious food made from scratch by an expert “pit­master,” who over­sees the action in the restaurant’s open kitchen.

Blue Ribbon Bar­becue
908 Mass­a­chu­setts Avenue, Arlington; and 1375 Wash­ington St., West Newton
Why go? This sub­urban restau­rant, inspired by the joints that line high­ways and back roads in the South, aims to bring those beloved fla­vors to Yankee cus­tomers. Entrees are slow-​​cooked over oak and hickory, meaning the meat is juicy and flavorful.


Vil­lage Smoke­house
1 Har­vard St., Brook­line
Why go? Not far from campus, this well-​​known restau­rant spe­cial­izes in Texas-​​style bar­becue, with food cooked in an authentic open pit. Each meal comes with corn­bread, beans and a side dish, so be sure you’re hungry before placing an order.

Smoken’ Joe’s
351 Wash­ington St., Brighton
Why go? Not only does this Brighton spot have great food, it’s a lively hub for some of the city’s top blues musi­cians, who fill the small, col­orful dining room with music that’s as good as the food.

Week­days on the Greenway at the Chi­na­town Gate and var­ious loca­tions across Boston on the weekend.
Why go? Yes, it’s true — some of the best bar­becue around is in Chi­na­town. (Most of the time, at least.) This food truck, which stays put on week­days and can be found in spots across the city on week­ends, offers meals built for the road, promising plenty of flavor but none of the mess that comes with stan­dard bar­becue fare.

Mrs. Jones
2255 Dorch­ester Ave., Dorchester, (617) 696‑0180
Why go? This Lower Mills take-​​out only spot may not look like much, but the tra­di­tional soul food is simple and deli­cious. The mom-​​and-​​pop restau­rant serves each meal with corn­bread and two entrees, with most meals avail­able for under $10.

Bison Country
275 Moody St., Waltham
Why go? The one problem with bar­becue is that your veg­e­tarian friends are usu­ally stuck with corn­bread and cole slaw. Not at Bison Country, though: on top of its carnivore-​​friendly menu, the restau­rant has abun­dant offer­ings for veg­e­tar­ians and those hoping to avoid gluten.