A new exhibit in Northeastern’s Gallery 360 show­cases the mar­velous work of artist Mikki Shectman. The exhibit fea­tures eight abstract paint­ings, each with vibrant colors that she says cap­tures the “romance of nature.”

I’m really so grateful to North­eastern,” Shectman said. “It is won­derful to be recognized.”

On Friday night, Shectman was hon­ored at a recep­tion at Gallery 360 unveiling the exhibit, which will remain on dis­play through November 2. The exhibit is enti­tled “Art as an ‘Inside Job.’”

When asked the meaning of “inside job,” Shectman recalls the story of when her instructor at the Penn­syl­vania Academy of the Fine Arts posed a simple ques­tion to her class: Where does the light come from? “The light is in my head,” Shectman answered, earning a glowing response from her instructor. But this exem­pli­fies how she views her own painting process – she’s guided by her art, and will instinc­tively know what do to next.

Throughout her 50 years of painting, Shectman has also painted por­traits, still life and nar­ra­tives, and she’s found numerous sources of inspi­ra­tion throughout her life to make her take shape on canvas – including reli­gion, nature and jazz music. Shectman describes her­self as a “nat­ural col­orist” – with a strong com­mand of how dif­ferent colors mesh and flow together on canvas.

Shectman said she draws strength from her family, including her daughter, Lizanne, who is cur­rently pur­suing a master’s degree in edu­ca­tion and orga­ni­za­tional learning from Northeastern’s Col­lege of Pro­fes­sional Studies. She pre­vi­ously earned a bachelor’s degree in lead­er­ship from CPS. Lizanne was instru­mental in helping to orga­nize the exhibit at Gallery 360.

I’ve always known my mother was a good artist,” she said, recalling many days as a child when Mikki would take out her easel to paint, or the family would attend art shows and other cul­tural events. “She needs to be seen. She’s a hidden treasure.”

Born in Philadel­phia, Shectman grad­u­ated from the Penn­syl­vania Academy of the Fine Arts and studied at the Arts Stu­dents League in New York City, the Tyler School of Art at Temple Uni­ver­sity and the Barnes Foun­da­tion in Penn­syl­vania. In 1993, she was inducted into the Archives for Women Artists in the National Museum of Women in the Arts, located in Wash­ington, D.C. She and her hus­band now live in Texas.