Diane DeMarco lost her job in pub­lishing, so she turned to baking and selling cup­cakes to make ends meet.

She shares the tasty treats with the North­eastern com­mu­nity. Her cup­cake truck—the aptly named “Cup­cakory”—can be found on the corner of Hemenway Street and Forsyth Street every Friday.

The sweet treat on wheels – which joins the ranks of a handful of other food trucks pop­ping up in Boston – also makes stops in Back Bay and on Boston University’s campus.

My dream is to make as much money selling cup­cakes as I did in pub­lishing,” said DeMarco, who bakes the tiny desserts with locally sourced and organic ingre­di­ents in a com­mu­nity kitchen in Jamaica Plain. “I’ve baked my entire adult life,” she added, “but i don’t like to cook.”

Last Friday, Cup­cakory drew a small crowd of foodies. Cus­tomers loved the rich selec­tion, which included salted caramel on choco­late cake and choco­late frosting on vanilla cake. A half-​​dozen cup­cakes go for $16.50.

Eric Kaitz tried the Mada­gascar vanilla butter cream on orange cake.

I don’t usu­ally like frosting but I really like this frosting,” said Kaitz, a North­eastern Uni­ver­sity grad­uate who lives near the food truck stop. “It’s light.”

Sam Lattof, a project man­ager at the Har­vard School of Public Health, bit into the salted caramel on choco­late cake.

It’s moist, but it’s not too sweet,” said Lattof, who dis­cov­ered Cup­cakory through an Internet search for local food trucks. “I didn’t think salty frosting could work on a cupcake.”