As the Bruins do battle with the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals, another rivalry is forming between Boston and Vancouver.

Andrew Petter, pres­i­dent of Simon Fraser Uni­ver­sity in Van­couver, British Columbia, took off the gloves today, issuing a chal­lenge to North­eastern University’s pres­i­dent, Joseph E. Aoun.

Should the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, Aoun will don a Canucks Orca jersey on Northeastern’s Boston campus, post a photo on the University’s web­site, and ship freshly-​​caught Atlantic lob­ster to Van­couver. If the Bruins win, Petter will don a Bruins jersey, post that photo online, and send fresh Cana­dian salmon to Aoun.

We wel­come global chal­lenges at North­eastern,” said Aoun. “And our campus is home to the world’s oldest indoor hockey rink, so we know a little bit about this sport to be con­fi­dent in the Bruins’ ability to win.”

North­eastern has strong ties to the Bruins: Its his­toric Matthews Arena, which opened in 1910, was the Bruins’ orig­inal home and is the oldest arena in the world still used for ice hockey. Northeastern’s under­grad­uate com­mence­ment is held every spring on the Bruins’ home turf, the TD Garden.

Our Amer­ican cousins in Boston are as pas­sionate about hockey—almost—as we are in Van­couver,” Petter said. “And since this playoff round is going to be all about ‘schooling’ the Bruins in Canada’s game, I thought it appro­priate for our two fine insti­tu­tions of higher learning to engage in a bit of healthy competition.”

With three cam­puses located in British Columbia’s largest municipalities—Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey—Simon Fraser Uni­ver­sity was recently ranked as Canada’s leading com­pre­hen­sive research-​​intensive uni­ver­sity. SFU’s under­grad­uate stu­dent exchange pro­gram part­ners with many inter­na­tional uni­ver­si­ties, including Northeastern.