North­eastern Uni­ver­sity stu­dents on inter­na­tional co-​​ops may be scat­tered in dozens of coun­tries around the globe, but that isn’t stop­ping them from cel­e­brating Inde­pen­dence Day this weekend.

Third-​​year cinema studies major Kelsey Julius, for example, plans to throw a picnic in a park in Paris with her co-​​workers at a Euro­pean public rela­tions firm. Burgers, hot dogs and Amer­ican flag cup­cakes are slated to appear on the menu.

I will con­tinue the fes­tiv­i­ties with some ridicu­lous ‘I Love America’ outfit and some kind of fat­tening treat to share a piece of home with my co-​​workers,” Julius said.

Junior mar­keting major Brit­tany Waitte will be in the middle of the largest inner city fes­tival in Ger­many, which con­cludes with a stun­ning fire­works display.

The pyrotechnic extrav­a­ganza, she said, will be a wel­come reminder of sum­mers in the states.

This cel­e­bra­tion will bridge the gap between the two cul­tures for me,” said Waitte, who is working at a mar­keting and human rela­tions firm in Darm­stadt. “Granted, I will be eating bratwurst and crepes instead of ham­burgers and s’mores.”

But the hol­iday falls at a time when many co-​​op jobs are ending, prompting North­eastern stu­dents like third-​​year anthro­pology and inter­na­tional affairs major Rebecca Wil­lett to focus more on fin­ishing their global co-​​op expe­ri­ences on a high note, and less on thoughts of home­town parades and fireworks.

Wil­lett will spend the weekend trav­eling back to a bilin­gual school Ocote­peque, Hon­duras, where she teaches phonics and grammar.

I’m having a blast trav­eling by bus and meeting lots of other trav­elers and local people,” said Wil­lett, who took advan­tage of a two-​​week school break to travel solo through Hon­duras and Nicaragua. “I will actu­ally be spending Inde­pen­dence Day on a sweaty 10-​​hour bus ride from Tegu­ci­galpa back west to Ocotepeque.”