On a warm April after­noon at North­eastern University’s Parson’s Field, Danielle Pesko and Samantha Cook rushed to the side of Jake Negrotti, an employee in the facil­i­ties depart­ment who had col­lapsed and lay motion­less at the edge of the field.

Pesko and Cook, who had just begun prac­tice with their Ulti­mate Frisbee club team, now had a much bigger chal­lenge: admin­is­tering car­diopul­monary resus­ci­ta­tion (CPR) and saving a man’s life.

It was kind of sur­real, but, I had trained for that sit­u­a­tion so many times, that I was pretty con­fi­dent I could do it,” said Pesko, a sopho­more chem­ical engi­neering major who learned CPR as a life­guard at a water park in New Hampshire.

Thank God there were two of us, because it’s a lot for one person to handle,” noted Cook, a health sci­ences major who learned the life-​​saving tech­nique in a course offered through the Bouvé Col­lege of Health Sci­ences; a require­ment for all health sci­ences majors before going on co-​​op.

You phys­i­cally can do it by your­self,” she said, “but it is way easier for two people.”

Negrotti expe­ri­enced erratic gasping and then vom­iting, so Pesko and Cook quickly turned him on his side, cleared his airway and con­tinued per­forming the procedure.

EMTs arrived quickly, imme­di­ately applying an oxygen mask and con­necting an auto­matic external defib­ril­lator to Negrotti’s chest to treat his irreg­ular heart­beat and reestab­lish an effec­tive rhythm.

Pesko and Cook, who admitted to being in a state of near-​​shock over the event, replayed the inci­dent and ques­tioned all of their deci­sions, which turned out to be expertly executed.

They recently met with Pres­i­dent Joseph Aoun, who thanked them for their courage and lead­er­ship in a life-​​or-​​death situation.

Negrotti’s wife expressed her grat­i­tude to the stu­dents in an e-​​mail noting that their knowl­edge of CPR had saved her husband’s life.

After finding out this man had a wife and family, it made what we did feel so much more impor­tant,” said Pesko, who, along with Cook, looks for­ward to meeting Negrotti and his family.

Northeastern’s Public Safety Divi­sion offers CPR cer­ti­fi­ca­tion and re-​​certification courses to all fac­ulty, staff, stu­dents and alumni.