When it comes to the future of health care, people don’t agree about a lot. But every­body agrees on this: Devel­oping tech­nology that can ensure the same level of care — or better care — at lower costs is a good idea.

In ten years, sen­sors and sim­ilar tech­nology will be an inex­pen­sive, easy, and fun way to empower people to make pos­i­tive lifestyle changes. Real-​​time mon­i­toring of diet, exer­cise, sleep, soli­tude, and socializing‹all impor­tant indi­ca­tors of health‹will help people make incre­mental improvements.

The data will also let physi­cians, nurses, phys­ical ther­a­pists, and other health pro­fes­sionals offer more detailed and useful guid­ance to their patients.”

Stephen Intille is an asso­ciate pro­fessor with a joint appoint­ment in com­puter and infor­ma­tion sci­ence, and health sci­ences.