By Sarah Moomaw ’13

Three men clad in Red Sox gear take an order and check the score of the base­ball game on the TV. They are the aces behind all of the greasy temp­ta­tions con­sumed by col­lege stu­dents at Good Eats Pizza and Subs.

The shop lives up to its name. Steak subs are made by hand with fresh meat and veg­gies on a hot, flat grill. Fryers and ovens are checked before the timers beep. Pizza top­pings cover per­fectly sauced pies.

The menu is written on the small Tremont Street eatery’s back wall: salads, subs—cold and hot—wraps, burgers, “munchies,” cal­zones, pizzas, pastas. The sheer number of choices is daunting—how much is too much?

Items on the munchies list, such as the Texas Tooth­picks ($2.75 for a small), should sate any greasy-​​food lover’s craving. The sea­soned hot fries pack some serious heat, whether you choose to dip them in ketchup or go sauce-​​less.

The pep­peroni pizza ($2 a slice, $6.60 for a 12-​​inch) com­bines large pieces of pep­peroni, a crisp bottom crust and a per­fect cheese-​​to-​​sauce ratio. The sauce doesn’t hide the spicy kick from pep­peroni, nor does the cheese mask the tomato sauce beneath.

The toasted chicken parmesan sub ($5.25) might be the best in town, out­side of Boston’s North End. A long, crusty French sub roll cra­dles per­fectly breaded chicken breasts smoth­ered in a chunky tomato sauce and moz­zarella cheese.

One of the spe­cialty subs—the “Can’t find a name for it” ($6.90)—serves Thanks­giving dinner on a crusty sub roll. Packed with roasted turkey breast and stuffing, and smeared with a cran­berry sauce con­taining whole cran­ber­ries and a light turkey gravy, each bite is rem­i­nis­cent of a forkful of the fall hol­iday feast.

Aside from the pizzas, the most expen­sive item on the menu rings up at $13.65. The Munchies Platter—fit for a weekend of foot­ball on the Tube—offers a solid sam­pling of the munchies menu: chicken ten­ders, chicken wings, hot wings, moz­zarella sticks, fried ravioli and jalapeno pop­pers.

The guys in base­ball caps turn off their ovens by 10 p.m. on Monday through Sat­urday, and by 8 p.m. on Sun­days. The restau­rant is located at 1002 Tremont St. Dine in, car­ryout or call 617–442-0999 for delivery.