The pop­u­larity of eBooks is soaring. Amazon​.com reported selling more eBooks than hard­cover books last year, and one market research firm, For­rester Research, has pre­dicted that overall eBook sales in the United States will hit $1 bil­lion this year.

This trend is also increas­ingly extending into acad­emia, with more stu­dents looking for elec­tronic resources to help them study for exams, con­duct research or simply learn more about inter­esting topics, said Amira Aaron, Uni­ver­sity Libraries’ asso­ciate dean of schol­arly resources.

Rec­og­nizing this demand, the North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Libraries has sub­stan­tially expanded its eBook schol­arly resource offer­ings in the past year. With the recent sub­scrip­tion to the ebrary Aca­d­emic Com­plete col­lec­tion, the library is now pro­viding access to more than 52,000 addi­tional eBook titles. Aaron said the effort is part of a huge trans­for­ma­tion to eBooks across many dis­ci­plines, and the ongoing eBook addi­tions pro­vide numerous ben­e­fits to the North­eastern community.

We are now able to offer 24/​7 access to these books from mul­tiple loca­tions for mul­tiple users,” Aaron said. “With growing num­bers of dis­tance edu­ca­tion and online classes, many stu­dents no longer come to campus on a reg­ular basis, so elec­tronic books and jour­nals are crit­ical to sup­port teaching and research.”

Users can try out the new col­lec­tion of eBooks by going directly to the ebrary site, or finding indi­vidual titles through NuCat from the library web­site. All of the library’s e-​​books are listed indi­vid­u­ally in NuCat.

Aaron is also hoping that schol­arly eBook pub­lishers will soon be pro­viding more con­tent that is down­load­able directly to devices such as Kin­dles and Nooks.

Last year, Uni­ver­sity Libraries announced the avail­ability of the 2010 full col­lec­tion of eBooks from Springer Pub­lishing, one of the top inter­na­tional pub­lishers of sci­en­tific, tech­nical and med­ical titles. The set also includes 2005–2009 vol­umes from the Com­puter Col­lec­tion, including the pres­ti­gious Lec­ture Notes in Com­puter Sci­ence series.