Mem­bers of Northeastern’s senior lead­er­ship team gave a series of pre­sen­ta­tions yes­terday out­lining the university’s fiscal year 2012 budget, which takes effect on July 1. The university’s budget sup­ports the institution’s broad range of global teaching and research activities.

The cost of attending North­eastern as an under­grad­uate — which includes tuition, fees and housing costs — will increase by 3.9 per­cent next year. Fac­toring in mil­lions of dol­lars pro­vided to stu­dents and their fam­i­lies in finan­cial aid, the net increase in under­grad­uate cost of atten­dance will be 2.9 percent.

During yesterday’s Fac­ulty Senate meeting, Provost Stephen Director out­lined many of the university’s pri­or­i­ties. Those include invest­ments in grad­uate, pro­fes­sional and online degrees, adding tenured and tenure-​​track fac­ulty, keeping tuition com­pet­i­tive, boosting stu­dent ser­vices, and con­ducting ren­o­va­tions and tech­nology upgrades in sev­eral class­rooms and uni­ver­sity buildings.

The fiscal year 2012 budget also includes a salary com­pen­sa­tion pool increase of 3 per­cent for fac­ulty and 2.5 per­cent for admin­is­tra­tive staff.

The uni­ver­sity is increasing its momentum in terms of investing in var­ious aca­d­emic pro­grams, recruiting the best stu­dents, increasing the fac­ulty size, improving our research port­folio, and investing in our infra­struc­ture,” Director said.

As exam­ples of momentum, Director cited the record number of appli­ca­tions for under­grad­uate admis­sion and a strong increase in fed­eral research awards.

Jack McCarthy, senior vice pres­i­dent for admin­is­tra­tion and finance, said the uni­ver­sity is in strong finan­cial shape and gave sev­eral exam­ples. McCarthy men­tioned sub­stan­tial interest in grad­uate and pro­fes­sional pro­grams, improved fundraising, and ongoing efforts to achieve oper­ating effi­cien­cies. He also noted pos­i­tive endow­ment per­for­mance and suc­cessful efforts to refi­nance and reduce the university’s long-​​term debt.

Being tuition depen­dent, in the cur­rent [eco­nomic] cli­mate, is actu­ally one of our real strengths,” McCarthy added. “In the last few years, uni­ver­si­ties that have depended on their endow­ments have suf­fered most severely. But we’ve flour­ished in that time.”