On a typ­ical day, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity stu­dent Julian Jung rises at 7 a.m. He final­izes the sale of a condo, races to class, and then meets with prop­erty man­agers, land­lords and real estate investors in his Boston office. He studies at mid­night and finally gets to sleep at 3 a.m.

In four hours, he’ll do it all over again.

Jung, a third-​​year finance and accountingmajor, is the leasing man­ager for Hodara Real Estate Group, America’s first student-​​run real estate bro­kerage firm. Over the last year and a half, he has bro­kered sales of more than $1 mil­lion worth of res­i­den­tial and invest­ment prop­erty in Boston, All­ston, Brighton and Somerville.

I’ll work on a deal until 3 a.m.,” Jung says. “I’ll sit on doorsteps to make sure I close it.”

The bro­kerage firm, founded in 2009 by a friend of Jung’s, Alex Hodara, without seed money or debt financing, has com­pleted some $10 mil­lion in sales over the last two years. It has been fea­tured on national news pro­grams, such as CNBC’s “Reality Check,” and in major news­pa­pers, such as The Boston Globe.

Jung applies what he learns in his finance and accounting classes at North­eastern to ana­lyze the value of real estate prop­er­ties and deliver per­fect pitches to his clients. “I’m applying what I learned in the class­room to real-​​life sit­u­a­tions,” he says. “It allowed me to bring every­thing full-​​circle.”

Jung, Hodara and busi­ness partner Vin­cent Vomero, another Boston-​​area stu­dent, chron­icle their lives as young entre­pre­neurs in a reality web series called “Making Moves,” the first season of which racked up more than 95,000 views. The pro­gram is slated to appear on up to 30 col­lege TV net­works around the country and has some 6,500 Face­book fans.

The three entre­pre­neurial gurus also spot­light indi­vid­uals on the pro­gram who want to make it big—top choices include YouTube stars, clothing designers or col­lege hockey players—by con­necting them with ath­letic trainers, web­site devel­opers, public rela­tions pro­fes­sionals and Internet celebrities.

Though Jung and his busi­ness part­ners achieved suc­cess on their own, they have a soft spot for helping moti­vated people reach their dreams. Jung did his ini­tial six-​​month stint with the firm as a co-​​op, and the real estate group now hires other North­eastern stu­dents on co-​​op.

If you go out there and pursue your pas­sion, you never know what it could turn into,” says Jung.

He knows: The suc­cess of the real estate firm led to net­working oppor­tu­ni­ties with the former chief oper­ating officer of Cen­tury 21 Real Estate, and custom home­builder Cindy Stumpo, who hosts the HGTV pro­gram “Tough as Nails.” The recovery drink Code Blue, whose investors include fun­nyman Seth Rogen, spon­sors “Making Moves” and helps Jung and the gang pitch bigger players.

Our goal is to inspire people and con­tinue to build our pro­fes­sional net­work,” Jung says. “We’re all about learning and growing and loving what we do. I hope it doesn’t change.”