North­eastern police Detec­tive Jonathan Boyd was directing traffic during stu­dent move-​​in when a motorist flagged him down. It was a moment that saved a Boston resident’s life.

That after­noon of Sept. 5, the driver pointed Boyd to a 68-​​year-​​old man on St. Stephen Street who was having trouble breathing.

He kept saying ‘I’m fine, I’m fine,’ but he was holding his chest,” Boyd recalled. “I asked him if he had a heart con­di­tion, and he pulled up his polo shirt to show me the scars from heart surgery.”

Sud­denly the man fell, and Boyd — a long­time CPR instructor at North­eastern —launched into action. He called for help and began admin­is­tering CPR to the stricken man.

I didn’t have time to be ner­vous,” said Boyd, who joined the North­eastern depart­ment in 2004, after a year on the Bristol Com­mu­nity Col­lege police force. “I just went into my training mode.”

Col­leagues later told him a crowd formed to watch, but “I never even looked up,” Boyd recalled. Working fever­ishly, he revived the victim with the help of a quickly responding Boston Fire Depart­ment crew, and awaited an ambulance.

When the ambu­lance arrived the man again slumped into uncon­scious­ness, but Boyd, EMTs and fire­fighters man­aged to revive him yet again. He was taken to Boston Med­ical Center where, Boyd learned recently, he is expected to recover fully.

North­eastern public safety lead­er­ship pre­sented Boyd with a letter of com­men­da­tion at an assembly of his col­leagues the next day. “You have pre­pared for this type of sit­u­a­tion for years, and han­dled it with the skill and com­po­sure of a true pro­fes­sional,” James Fer­rier, asso­ciate director of public safety, told the detec­tive. “Your per­for­mance is a credit to all of us in the division.”

Pres­i­dent Joseph Aoun thanked the officer for his quick and deci­sive action. “This insti­tu­tion has great values, and you embody them,” he told Boyd. “Thank you. You make us proud.”

Boyd, who holds a bachelor’s from North­eastern and is studying for a master’s in crim­inal jus­tice lead­er­ship, was pro­moted to detec­tive last year. In 2006 he was hon­ored by the Mass­a­chu­setts Asso­ci­a­tion of Campus Law Enforce­ment Admin­is­tra­tors for his out­standing com­mu­nity policing ini­tia­tives on campus.