North­eastern law pro­fessor Wendy Parmet assesses how a so-​​called right to health care would be trans­lated into reality, and weighs in on the inten­si­fying debate in Con­gress over universal—and less costly—health care

1.Is a Con­sti­tu­tional “right” to health care a magic bullet?

2.Is a right to health care some­thing you can bring to court? Should we expect com­plex health-​​care deci­sions to be made by the judiciary?

3.A “right” to health care has a pow­erful rhetor­ical punch, but would such a right solve health dis­par­i­ties, or free up more funding for sweeping health reform?

4.Massachusetts’ uni­versal health care law, enacted in 2006, is often cited as health care that works. Does it?

5.Every polit­i­cally viable solu­tion to our health-​​care problem appears to be flawed. Should this stop those who would reform health care?