North­eastern Uni­ver­sity is launching a new clin­ical doc­torate pro­gram this fall, the Doctor of Nursing Prac­tice (DNP) pro­gram. The pro­gram is designed to fur­ther equip already expe­ri­enced nurses to assume clin­ical and lead­er­ship posi­tions, and to be effec­tive col­lab­o­ra­tors and change agents who enhance quality and safety in health care.

The changing demands of the nation’s com­plex health-​​care envi­ron­ment require that nurses serving in advanced prac­tice posi­tions have the highest pos­sible level of sci­en­tific knowl­edge and prac­tice exper­tise,” says Lynn Babington, asso­ciate pro­fessor and DNP pro­gram director.

Encom­passing lead­er­ship, research trans­la­tion, pop­u­la­tion health, infor­matics, and health-​​care eco­nomics and policy, the pro­gram affords nurses advanced capa­bil­i­ties to:
• design, eval­uate and con­tin­u­ously improve health-​​care delivery sys­tems and envi­ron­ments
• cri­tique nursing and clin­ical sci­en­tific find­ings
• design pro­grams that deliver care that is work­able locally, fea­sible eco­nom­i­cally, and that leads to pos­i­tive out­comes
• appraise research and trans­late it into prac­tice to influ­ence health-​​care policy and sys­tems of care
• take on lead­er­ship roles in devel­oping inno­v­a­tive pro­grams to reduce med­ical errors, create new care sys­tems and pro­vide advanced-​​practice care for under­served, diverse populations

The pro­gram cul­mi­nates in an evidence-​​based schol­arly cap­stone project. Stu­dents will demon­strate publication-​​worthy mas­tery in their area of clin­ical prac­tice. For example, a nurse in the neonatal inten­sive care unit might develop, imple­ment and eval­uate a quality con­trol ini­tia­tive. A pedi­atric nurse could work with a public health depart­ment to eval­uate issues related to children’s immu­niza­tion. Another might take a lead­er­ship role in a hos­pital by devel­oping a self-​​governance model.

Open to expe­ri­enced nurses with master’s degrees, the DNP pro­gram will be offered full– and part-​​time as a hybrid of online courses and face-​​to-​​face meetings.

For more infor­ma­tion, please visit www​.north​eastern​.edu/​b​o​u​v​e​/​p​r​o​g​r​a​m​s​/​d​n​p​.​h​tml.