Amelia Marksz was a stranger to travel abroad until she embarked on her first inter­na­tional co-​​op in Sin­ga­pore last year. Ever since, the junior mar­keting major at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity has been hooked, dis­cov­ering a new­found affinity for other cultures.

In Sep­tember, she will head to Bei­jing to work in the mar­keting offices of the United States Com­mer­cial Ser­vice, the trade pro­mo­tion arm of the Inter­na­tional Trade Admin­is­tra­tion, in the U.S. Depart­ment of Commerce.

Marksz can’t wait.

Pur­suing a global co-​​op expe­ri­ence “was one of the best moves I’ve ever made,” said Marksz. “Instead of simply trav­eling, you’re actu­ally living and working in an inter­na­tional locale. It’s such a great oppor­tu­nity to learn while expe­ri­encing the world.”

She com­pleted her first inter­na­tional co-​​op last July, working for Investor Cen­tral, a small finan­cial news com­pany in Sin­ga­pore that delivers infor­ma­tion via mobile and Web platforms.

I had my hands in every aspect of mar­keting,” she said.

For her first project, as event planner for the Asian Trader and Investor Con­ven­tion, she did every­thing from designing and arranging the trade-​​show booth to cre­ating mar­keting col­lat­eral, to preparing a speech and Pow­er­Point for the company’s founder.

After her suc­cesses with the trade show, she was quickly given other respon­si­bil­i­ties in a posi­tion encom­passing mar­keting, adver­tising, com­mu­ni­ca­tions, event plan­ning and public and cus­tomer relations.

At one point, she found her­self standing before a down­town finan­cial building, in front of a tele­vi­sion camera, broad­casting a finan­cial news story. “I really enjoyed it. I don’t think of broad­cast as some­thing I’m inter­ested in, but the public-​​speaking aspect to the work made it a great expe­ri­ence for me.”

People on the street stood and watched her broad­cast, offering pos­i­tive com­ments when the filming was complete.

Back at the office, Marksz ini­ti­ated a Google adver­tising cam­paigns for the com­pany and also pio­neered the company’s use of social net­works for marketing.

Aside from the work, her life abroad was ful­filling on many levels.

Sin­ga­pore itself is beau­tiful. The people are very friendly. I didn’t have any cul­ture shock,” she said. “There was so much to do there that I never had a dull moment.”