Eager, dressed in their inter­view best, over 2,600 stu­dents and North­eastern alumni crowed the Mega Career Fair Feb. 5 searching for that per­fect pro­fes­sional match.

And it wasn’t just would-​​be employees or co-​​ops holding out hope. Approx­i­mately 200 com­pa­nies were eager to meet with North­eastern stu­dents, a crew con­sid­ered by the North­east Hos­pital Cor­po­ra­tion to be the cream of the crop.

North­eastern has a won­derful rep­u­ta­tion, espe­cially for nursing, phys­ical therapy, phar­macy and nurse prac­ti­tioners,” said Judith Neitzel, of the hospital’s human resources depart­ment. “The stu­dents here present them­selves so well. We just have such a great rela­tion­ship with the university.”

The career fair, one of two annual events spon­sored by Career Ser­vices, drew com­puter sci­ence mas­ters stu­dent Gunapal Sripal of Ban­ga­lore, India, to a line at EMC, Corp’s table in the Cabot Cage.

I’ve heard such good things about EMC,” he said, “so I’m looking for intern­ship and co-​​op opportunities.

He cred­ited his courses here with helping him pre­pare for a future, which may lead to his own startup in India one day. “For people like us, hoping to start our own com­pany one day, it is a great oppor­tu­nity to work for an excel­lent com­pany like EMC.”

Bloomberg was another cor­po­ra­tion attracting long lines. Com­puter sci­ence mas­ters stu­dent Xingham Cui of Bei­jing, China, said he was excited to have the oppor­tu­nity to meet com­pany rep­re­sen­ta­tives face-​​to-​​face. “Bloomberg is a fan­tastic com­pany!” he said, adding that he was hoping to land a co-​​op position.

For Bloomberg, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity is a rich source of talent, said rep­re­sen­ta­tive Tom Arcidi­a­cono, in between hand­shakes with stu­dents and alumni. “We come to North­eastern because this is where the talent is,” he said.

Recent North­eastern grad Ashwin Shankar of India was also hopeful of gaining entry into Bloomberg with his mas­ters in engi­neering degree.

I just met with them and I think it went pretty well,” Shankar said.