Dominic Coryell, a senior finance/​accounting major at North­eastern University’s Col­lege of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion, was rec­og­nized by the Entre­pre­neurs’ Orga­ni­za­tion (EO) as the winner of the 2008 Global Stu­dent Entre­pre­neur Awards.

Coryell, CEO and equity partner of Gar­ment Valet, for­merly Husky Express, was awarded first prize for the high-​​tech laundry and dry cleaning ser­vices offered by Gar­ment Valet. Coryell was also given the Inno­va­tion Award for the company’s imple­men­ta­tion of a fully-​​automated process that pro­vides high-​​quality, next-​​day delivery and pick up of gar­ments, cre­ating effi­cien­cies not com­monly asso­ci­ated with the industry.

Coryell was chosen out of a group of 26 under­grad­uate entre­pre­neurs from across the globe, including stu­dents from the United Kingdom, Aus­tralia and Sweden. The 26 final­ists pre­sented their busi­nesses to a panel of accom­plished busi­ness leaders assem­bled by EO in Chicago on November 5 — 6, 2008. The annual com­pe­ti­tion, pre­sented by Mercedes-​​Benz Finan­cial, attracted 1,000 col­le­gians from more than 300 uni­ver­si­ties in 11 coun­tries this year.

As the winner, Coryell will receive more than $100,000 in cash and donated ser­vices by leading entre­pre­neurs including Web ser­vices, public rela­tions, gen­eral busi­ness con­sulting and printing, a year’s men­toring by an EO member and a year’s tuition to the EO Accel­er­ator Program.

Win­ning this award has cat­a­pulted our company’s and leadership’s cred­i­bility to a new level where new net­working oppor­tu­ni­ties exist that did not prior to the recog­ni­tion.” said Coryell, who will grad­uate in May 2009.

Coryell started working at Husky Express his freshman year as a delivery truck driver and became an equity partner and CEO of Husky Express after only a year. His strategic vision and insight has helped shape the suc­cess of the com­pany, whose 2008 rev­enues approach $850,000.

Recently, Husky Express changed its name to Gar­ment Valet. Husky Express is the parent com­pany and will con­tinue to power Gar­ment Valet and will advance the locker, soft­ware and secu­rity soft­ware into new industries.

We decided to change the name so that our existing and poten­tial cus­tomers can iden­tify with the ser­vices we offer by looking at our name,” said Coryell.

Gar­ment Valet will con­tinue to expand its ser­vices avail­able to cus­tomers, including laundry delivery, locker sys­tems throughout the city for laundry drop-​​off and pick-​​up and online order tracking.

In addi­tion, Husky Express is com­mit­ting to sus­tain­ability for all of its divi­sions and oper­ating arms. Begin­ning this month, Gar­ment Valet will use clean­tech greener cleaning processes, which reduces the amount of waste com­monly asso­ci­ated with dry cleaning.

Even­tu­ally, dry cleaning will dis­ap­pear com­pletely and Husky Express will process every­thing using water,” added Coryell.

For more infor­ma­tion about Dominic Coryell, please visit www​.gar​ment​valet​.com or con­tact Jenny Eriksen at (617) 373‑2802 or via email at j.​eriksen@​neu.​edu.

About Gar­ment Valet

GARMENT VALET®, pow­ered by Husky Express, is a laundry and dry cleaning delivery ser­vice that caters to res­i­dents of multi-​​unit housing facil­i­ties in Boston by placing a dig­ital locker system, a vir­tual concierge of sorts, in common areas for all the res­i­dents to share. It is sim­ilar to a vending machine, but engi­neered specif­i­cally for wash-​​dry-​​fold and dry-​​cleaning. If there is no space for a locker, the com­pany also has the ability to offer unat­tended delivery by obtaining a key. In-​​person or office delivery is always avail­able as well. The con­ve­nience this machine offers is three fold; it elim­i­nates the need to carry gar­ments to the dry cleaners, it saves time for those who want an alter­na­tive to self-​​service wash-​​dry-​​fold, and it elim­i­nates the hassle of in-​​person delivery and the time con­straints involved by securing typ­ical unat­tended delivery.