Recog­ni­tion of her ded­i­cated ser­vices in 2007

BOSTON – June 19, 2008 – Robyn White, PharmD, Assis­tant Clin­ical Pro­fessor of Phar­macy at the Bouvé Col­lege of Health Sci­ences at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, has received the 2007 Harbor Wide Clin­i­cian of the Year award for her out­standing ser­vice at Harbor Health Ser­vices, Inc. (HHSI). Dr. White, a 2006 North­eastern grad­uate, was selected by her peers for this award for her ded­i­cated patient care ser­vices for an elderly ser­vice pro­gram and a com­mu­nity health center at HHSI. Her award was pre­sented this past Friday at the Venezia Restau­rant in Boston.

Prior to joining the North­eastern Uni­ver­sity — School of Phar­macy (NU-​​SOP) fac­ulty, Dr. White com­pleted a one year phar­macy prac­tice res­i­dency in ambu­la­tory care /​ teaching at NU-​​SOP and HHSI. In addi­tion to her ser­vice to patients, her role with NU-​​SOP stu­dents has included facil­i­tating ther­a­peu­tics sem­inar, pro­viding lec­tures in drug infor­ma­tion and ther­a­peu­tics courses, and par­tic­i­pating in weekly ambu­la­tory care case pre­sen­ta­tions. At HHSI, Dr. White has pre­cepted phar­macy stu­dents and res­i­dents in col­lab­o­ra­tion with a variety of health­care pro­fes­sionals to manage patients suf­fering from chronic diseases.

I am hon­ored and hum­bled by this award. I have the priv­i­lege of working every day with amazing people, clin­i­cians and staff alike, who truly work as a team to pro­vide the best pos­sible care for the patients they serve,” said White. “I could not be more proud to be part of that team, and could not be more grateful for this recognition.”

The col­lab­o­ra­tion between HHSI and NU-​​SOP was estab­lished in the Summer of 2000 by Jenny Van Amburgh, PharmD, CDE, Asso­ciate Clin­ical Pro­fessor in the SOP. This col­lab­o­ra­tion has been an inte­gral com­po­nent of the phar­macy expe­ri­en­tial pro­gram. Clin­ical pro­fes­sors train stu­dents, who are required to have clin­ical prac­tice expe­ri­ence, at HHSI’s three com­mu­nity health cen­ters and the elderly ser­vice pro­gram, helping physi­cians and nurse prac­ti­tioners develop the best med­ica­tion therapy man­age­ment plans for each patient.

Spe­cial thanks to Jenny Van Amburgh, who began and inte­grated clin­ical phar­macy ser­vices at Harbor Health, and who has taught me, guided me, and applauded me all along,” added White.

Selected out of more than 40 eli­gible clin­i­cians for this award, Dr. White has demon­strated that being a suc­cessful clin­i­cian requires a ded­i­ca­tion to patients, col­leagues and students.

The man­agers and staff at HHSI are delighted to award Robyn White with the Harbor Wide Clin­i­cian of the Year for 2007,” said Robert Hoch, MD, Cor­po­rate Med­ical Director at HHSI. “Her work, as an edu­cator of patients and staff, par­tic­i­pant in our quality ini­tia­tives, and advo­cate of cus­tomer ser­vice, has made her a role model for the phar­macy stu­dents and all of Harbor’s staff. All of Harbor asso­ciates con­grat­u­late Robyn on being the recip­ient of this award.”

For more infor­ma­tion about Dr. White’s award, please con­tact Jenny Eriksen at (617) 373‑2802 or via email at j.​eriksen@​neu.​edu.

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