Regional Nursing Orga­ni­za­tion Rec­og­nizes Pro­fes­sors for Out­standing Accomplishments

Boston, Mass. – Three North­eastern Uni­ver­sity nursing pro­fes­sors are being hon­ored with awards by the Mass­a­chu­setts Asso­ci­a­tion of Col­leges of Nursing (MACN). Clin­ical Instructor Valeria A. Ramdin, MS, RNCS, ANP is receiving MACN’s Aca­d­emic Nursing Early Career Award for Full-​​time Fac­ulty. The MACN also presents awards in the Aca­d­emic Inno­v­a­tive Teaching cat­e­gory, which in 2008 rec­og­nized Asso­ciate Pro­fessor Mar­garet Emerson, Ph.D., RN and Clin­ical Instructor Ann G. Hill, MS, RN, CRNA, BC, as a team.

We are proud of our fac­ulty as these awards rec­og­nize their dis­tinc­tive qual­i­ties,” says Nancy Hof­fart, Dean of the Bouvé Col­lege of Health Sci­ences School of Nursing at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. “The recip­i­ents’ strong clin­ical back­grounds help guide stu­dents as they pre­pare for the chal­lenges and rewards of today’s prac­tice envi­ron­ment. Their teaching style con­veys respect and col­le­giality toward stu­dents and they show cre­ativity in devel­oping learning approaches that cap­i­talize on Northeastern’s phi­los­ophy of expe­ri­en­tial education.”

The Mass­a­chu­setts Asso­ci­a­tion of Col­leges of Nursing (MACN) cre­ated the Aca­d­emic Inno­v­a­tive Teaching Award to rec­og­nize a nurse edu­cator who brings new ideas to the class­room. By demon­strating an inno­v­a­tive approach to edu­cating future nurses and encour­ages more nurses to con­sider becoming nurse edu­ca­tors. The Aca­d­emic Nursing Early Career Award rec­og­nizes nurse edu­ca­tors early in their careers, who have demon­strated excel­lence in their part-​​time and full-​​time aca­d­emic teaching role and functions.

Emerson and Hill were awarded the Aca­d­emic Inno­v­a­tive Teaching Cat­e­gory for designing an inno­v­a­tive learning model that enabled an entire class of stu­dents to com­plete three required nursing courses abroad, including a three-​​week trip to Dublin, Ire­land. The expe­ri­ence enabled the stu­dents to develop com­pas­sion and respect for the needs of vul­ner­able pop­u­la­tions, as well as to see how another country’s values, gov­ern­ment poli­cies, and health care infra­struc­tures affect care. Because the learning focused on the same patient pop­u­la­tion in both the US and Ire­land, the stu­dents were excep­tion­ally well posi­tioned to learn the impact of social, cul­tural, and polit­ical con­text on health, health care delivery, and the nursing role.

Ramdin received the Early Career Award because in addi­tion to her class­room teaching and guid­ance and super­vi­sion of part-​​time fac­ulty in adult health nursing, she pro­vides addi­tional assis­tance with class con­tent to her stu­dents, and offers guid­ance to them as they are making career deci­sions and problem solving other issues related to their aca­d­e­mics. Since joining the nursing fac­ulty at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, Ramdin has taught tra­di­tional, non-​​traditional, and accel­er­ated stu­dents, with one goal — to engage every stu­dent, every time and leave them with the desire to con­tinue in nursing. She encour­ages her stu­dents to apply crit­ical thinking, under­stand how a dis­ease impacts a patient’s life, and rec­og­nize the dif­fer­ence that excel­lent nursing care can make. Stu­dents fre­quently return to Ramdin for advice, refer other stu­dents to her course, and often com­ment on the pos­i­tive impact she’s had on their education.

Valeria A. Ramdin, MS, RNCS, ANP – MACN Early Career Award for Full-​​time Faculty

Ramdin spe­cial­izes inpri­mary health care pro­mo­tion, women’s health, public health, and alter­na­tive med­i­cine. Her research area focuses on policy and reg­u­la­tions related to herbal dietary sup­ple­ments. Ramdin’s teach­ings focus on nursing inter­ven­tions, assess­ment and com­mu­nity care, as well as medical-​​surgical care of acutely ill adults.

Mar­garet Emerson, Ph.D., RN, CCRN – MACN Aca­d­emic Inno­v­a­tive Teaching Award

Emerson’s research focus is on devel­oping behav­ioral inter­ven­tions, espe­cially those pro­moting health through nutri­tion and phys­ical activity, for use in the treat­ment of alcohol and drug addic­tion. Her­clin­ical prac­tice is in alcohol and drug detox­i­fi­ca­tion. Emerson is a Fac­ulty Scholar at the Insti­tute on Urban Health Research at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity and is a pre­vious fellow in Project MAINSTREAM, a national sub­stance abuse inter­dis­ci­pli­nary project.

Ann G. Hill, MS, RN, CNAA, BC – MACN Aca­d­emic Inno­v­a­tive Teaching Award

Since joining the nursing fac­ulty in 2001, Hill has taught sev­eral courses in the under­grad­uate cur­riculum, including Nursing Vul­ner­able Pop­u­la­tions, Com­pre­hen­sive Nursing Practicum, Pro­moting Healthy Com­mu­ni­ties, and Health Policy. She has been instru­mental in incor­po­rating the college’s Health-​​in-​​Motion out­reach van into the under­grad­uate cur­riculum. In addi­tion to her many national and regional awards, Hill and her col­leagues have received the Provost’s Practice-​​Oriented Edu­ca­tion (POE) award for their work with the Health-​​in-​​Motion van.

The awards along with cash prizes were pre­sented to Ramdin, Emerson and Hill on April 4th at the MACN meeting held in Regis College.

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