Com­pany Grant to Fund Devel­op­ment of Cutting-​​edge Technology

One of the most preva­lent chal­lenges of deliv­ering health ser­vices effec­tively is the patients’ non-​​adherence to the med­ica­tions, which leads to gaps in ser­vice delivery and results in neg­a­tive health out­comes. A cutting-​​edge way to improve this behavior is a patient-​​centered Web-​​based inter­ac­tive tool that assesses, mon­i­tors, and inter­venes specif­i­cally on med­ica­tion adher­ence. North­eastern University’s Phar­macy Prac­tice pro­fessor Nathaniel M. Rickles has received a grant from Inno­va­tion Group, a global solu­tions provider for the insur­ance industry, to develop adher­ence man­age­ment tools for ensuing Web-​​based and call-​​center applications.

Clin­ical expe­ri­ence and med­ical lit­er­a­ture show that only about half of patients taking chronic med­ica­tions adhere to their pre­scribed reg­imen,” said Rickles, Pharm.D., Ph.D., BCPP, Assis­tant Pro­fessor of Phar­macy Prac­tice at Northeastern’s Bouvé Col­lege of Health Sci­ences. “We believe that an effec­tive way to combat this growing problem is devel­oping effec­tive, easy-​​to-​​use Web-​​based tools that help patients adhere to their med­ica­tion reg­imen. This gen­erous grant will enable us to create one such system and we are very excited about the opportunity.”

Rickles’ pro­posed project will even­tu­ally be acces­sible to the larger public and use a tai­lored, step­wise approach to actively inter­vene on patient med­ica­tion non-​​adherence. The Web-​​based tools will be based on social, behav­ioral, and clin­ical prin­ci­ples shown to be effec­tive in changing patient med­ica­tion use behavior.

Fol­lowing the devel­op­ment of an adher­ence screening tool, follow-​​up mon­i­toring tools, and pro­to­cols for patient-​​centered, tai­lored adher­ence inter­ven­tions, the project will con­tinue with focus groups of con­sumers and health pro­fes­sionals who will help fur­ther shape the tools and pro­to­cols cre­ated so they are most ideal for var­ious users of the system. As part of the project, Rickles and his team also plan to develop instru­ments to assess patient sat­is­fac­tion and other out­comes of using the web-​​based system.

Sean Teare, Pres­i­dent of Inno­va­tionRx (a sub­group ofInno­va­tion Group), says he “expects the grant will lead to promising patient-​​centered tools that improve patient access to impor­tant strate­gies to improve their med­ica­tion adher­ence and ulti­mately reduce the high health­care costs asso­ci­ated with med­ica­tion non-​​adherence.”

For more infor­ma­tion, please con­tact Renata Nyul at 617–373-7424 or at r.​nyul@​neu.​edu.

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