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A-12 Pershing Rifles

Pershing Rifles at Northeastern University is a branch of the National Society of Pershing Rifles, a tri-service, co-ed military honorary society which draws from ROTC units around the country.



A-12 Pershing Rifles Company A-12 strives to develop strong leaders who possess the intestinal fortitude to be great officers. At its core, A-12 is built around providing a challenge for its members and its candidates. Pershing Rifles members experience aditional education oportunities in land navigation, first aid and basic medical skills, and infantry tactics. All Pershing Rifleman also run a candidate term where they test their ability to teach these skills, and their ability to develop effective training.


Transition During the transistion of our company headquarters from Bravo Company (previously attached to ROTC’s Charles River Battalion) to Alpha Company (now reestablished and attached to ROTC’s Liberty Battalion), our old website ( will continue to serve as a medium for information distribution for the Fall 2017 semester.
The material depicted throughout our old website site is an up-to-date look for cadets from both ROTC battalions into our organization and what we do. Although we are now A-12, the traditions of B-12 will continue under the new company designation. Stay tuned there for information on initiatives and events that will be taking place throughout the first semester.
We will be accepting cadets from both ROTC battalions for our Spring 2018 Candidate Term. If you are interested in more information and/or in participating in some of our Fall 2017 activities, please fill out the form on the Joining page (no obligation).