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ROTC Extracurriculars

Cadets in the Liberty Battalion have the chance to participate in extra training. The activities offer an extra experience to cadets and help prepare them to be officers.


Ranger Challenge The Ranger Challenge team serves as an opportunitiy for cadets to train and compete in a soldiering competition among the entire regiment. Nation wide over 300 schools participate in Ranger Challenge. Cadets on the Ranger Challenge team are expected to be the most physically fit in the Battalion and leaders among their peers.


Color Guard Color Guard allows cadets to practice their drill and ceremony. Cadets from Liberty Battalion are involved in events such as commencemnet, Beanpot, Fenway Baseball games, and college sports games.


Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles Company A-12 provides cadets with extra training in all core ROTC competencies. Cadets will undergo a candidate term where they will endure challenges in these skills, with an emphasis on immersive practice.