If you are interested in joining the Liberty Battalion, please visit our Enrollment Information page. For general questions, please contact us through the immediate information below:


Mr. Scott Lyons

Address: 335A Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

Phone: (617) 373-2376

Fax: (617) 373-8677

Email: sc.lyons@northeastern.edu


Contact information for other staff members:


Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Luchetta

Professor of Military Science

Phone: (617) 373-7480

Email: j.luchetta@northeastern.edu


Major Luis Gonzalez

Operations Officer

Phone: (617) 373-2378

Email: l.gonzalez@northeastern.edu


Captain Vincent Mullen

Assistant Professor of Military Science

Phone: (617) 373-7483

Email: v.mullen@northeastern.edu


Captain David Shermer

Assistant Professor of Military Science


Email: shermer@bc.edu


Master Sergeant Douglas Dickson

Senior Military Instructor

Phone: (617) 373-2374

Email: d.dickson@northeastern.edu


Master Sergeant Spencer Headley

Assistant Military Science Instructor

Email: s.headley@northeastern.edu


Sergeant First Class David Beck

Assistant Military Science Instructor

Phone:(617) 373-2375

Email: d.beck@northeastern.edu


Staff Sergeant Michael Scotina

Training NCO

Phone:(617) 373-2375

Email: m.scotina@northeastern.edu


Robert Dallaire

Supply Technician

Phone: (617) 373-2372

Email: r.dallaire@northeastern.edu


Sheila Hutchins

Staff Assistant

Phone: (617) 373-7481

Email: s.hutchins@northeastern.edu