Students will complete the following requirements:

Years 1 – 2

• Two foundational core courses in Network Science (Network Science Theory; Network Science Data)
• Three additional core courses tailored to disciplinary, substantive and individual goals (Social Network Analysis; Dynamical Processes in Complex Networks; Network Data Mining).
• Three courses in the student’s specific track or concentration.
• Two additional advanced research rotations with core faculty of the program.

Years 3 – 5

Students work on individual research projects.

Degree Candidacy.

A student is considered a Ph.D. degree candidate upon meeting these conditions:
• Completion of core courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall on the core courses, and
• Completion of the qualifying examination.
Degree candidacy will be awarded by the graduate school corresponding to the student’s home department.

Qualifying Examination.

The qualifying examination consists of a two-part exam conducted by a committee of three Network Science Doctoral Program faculty members. The research core of the exam is fulfilled with the acceptance of a high-quality paper to a strong peer-reviewed conference or journal. The technical component of the exam is fulfilled when the student passes the Comprehensive Exam. This shall happen at least six months before the dissertation defense.

Comprehensive Exam.

A Ph.D. student must submit a written dissertation proposal to the Dissertation Committee. The proposal should identify the research problem, the research plan and its potential impact on the field. A presentation of the proposal will be made in an open forum, and the student must successfully defend it before the Dissertation Committee. The Comprehensive exam must precede the final dissertation by at least a six months period.

Dissertation Advising.

Each student must have one primary advisor from the Network Science Doctoral Program faculty.

Dissertation Committee.

The Committee must consist of at least 4 members: the dissertation advisor, one additional Network Science Doctoral program faculty member, one member expert in the specific topic of research, and one faculty member from the department in which the student will obtain their concentration. The dissertation advisor must be a full time member of the Northeastern University faculty.

Dissertation Defense.

A Ph.D. student must complete and defend a dissertation that involves original research in Network Science.