New England Quarterly - Northeastern University
Past Winners of the Whitehill Prize


Lindsay Schakenbach, From Discontented Bostonians to Patriotic Industrialists: The Boston Associates and the Transcontinental Treaty, 1790-1825

Forthcoming in NEQ 84:3 (September 2011)


Andrew M. Wehrman, The Siege of "Castle Pox": A Medical Revolution in Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1764-1777

Appeared in NEQ 82:3 (September 2009)


Johnathan Beecher Field, A Key for the Gate: Roger Williams, Parliament, and Providence

Appeared in NEQ 80:3 (September 2007) 


S. D. Smith, "Gedney Clarke of Salem and Barbados: Transatlantic Super-Merchant"

Appeared in NEQ 76:4 (December 2003)


Matthew Mason, "'Nothing Is Better Calculated To Excite Divisions': Federalist Agitation against Slave Representation during the War of 1812"

Appeared in NEQ 75:4 (December 2002)


James E. McWilliams, "Work, Family, and Economic Improvement in Late-Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts Bay: The Case of Joshua Buffum"

Appeared in NEQ 74:3 (September 2001)


Marla R. Miller, "'My Part Alone': The World of Rebecca Dickinson, 1787-1802"

Appeared in NEQ 71:3 (September 1998)


Francis J. Bremer, "The Heritage of John Winthrop: Religion along the Stour Valley, 1548-1630"

Appeared in NEQ 70:4 (December 1997)


Susan M. Ouellette, "Divine Providence and Collective Endeavor: Sheep Production in Early Massachusetts"

Appeared in NEQ 69:3 (September 1996)


Richard Godbeer, "'Love Raptures': Marital, Romantic, and Erotic Images of Jesus Christ in Puritan New England, 1670-1730"
Appeared in NEQ 68:3 (September 1995)


David C. Brown, "The Keys of the Kingdom: Excommunication in Colonial Massachusetts"

Appeared in NEQ 67:4 (December 1994)


Frederick Dalzell, "Prudence and the Golden Egg: Establishing the Federal Government in Providence, Rhode Island"

Appeared in NEQ 65:3 (September 1992)