New England Quarterly

In the September 2014 Issue

The Performance of Peace: Indians, Speculators, and the Politics of Property on the Maine Frontier, 1735-1737
Ian Saxine

Keepsakes, Promises, Exchange: Female Friendship in Harriet Beecher Stowe's The Pearl of Orr's Island
Nina Bannett

Geographies of Intimacy in Mary Wilkins Freeman's Short Fiction
Jennifer Ansley

Fleecing Connecticut: David Humphreys and the Poetics of Sheep Farming 
Mark Sturges 

"A Peculiar Stampe of Our Own": The Massachusetts Mint and the Battle over Sovereignty, 1652-1691
Jonathan Edward Barth

Memoranda and Documents

American Arms Manufacturing and the Onset of the War of 1812 
Andrew J.B. Fagal

Congratulations to David Brion Davis who was awarded the 2013 National Humanities Medal!

The National Endowment for the Humanities has recognized Dr. Davis's work as a historian, for reshaping our understanding of history.  As a WWII veteran, Dr. Davis has shed light on the contradiction of a free Nation built by forced labor, and his examinations of slavery and abolitionism drive us to keep making moral progress in our time.  Dr. Davis is Sterling Professor Emertius of American History at Yale University and serves on the Board of Editors of The New England Quarterly.

Congratulations to 2013 Whitehill Award winner, Iax Saxine.  

His essay "The Performance of Peace: Indians, Speculators, and the Politics of Property on the Maine Frontier, 1735-1737," is available in the September 2014 issue of NEQ.

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