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The Colonial Society of Massachusetts Announces the 2013 Walter Muir Whitehill Winner!

Congratulations to Iax Saxine for his award-winning essay "The Performance of Peace: Indians, Speculators, and the Politics of Property on the Maine Frontier, 1735-1737."

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Andrew Menard and Laura Dassow Walls discuss nationalism and nature in Henry David Thoreau's Walking.

In the March 2014 Issue

Represented Authenticity: Native Voices in Seventeenth-Century Conversion Narratives
Jacqueline M. Henkel

Before the First Whalemen: The Emergence and Loss of Indigenous Maritime Autonomy in New England, 1672–1740
Kelly K. Chaves

“The Negro at the Gate”: Enslaved Labor in Eighteenth-Century Boston
Jared Ross Hardesty

The Revolutionary Black Roots of Slavery’s Abolition in Massachusetts
Chernoh M. Sesay Jr.

Reconsideration: An Exchange

Did John Davenport’s Church Require Conversion Narratives for Church Admission?
Michael P. Winship
Francis Bremer

In Memoriam

Michael Kammen, 1936–2013
Linda Smith Rhoads


Nan Goodman


Solicitation of Interest for the Editorship of The New England Quarterly

The New England Quarterly Inc., the administrative governing board of The New England Quarterly, invites inquiries from individuals interested in editing and colleges, universities, or cultural organizations interested in hosting the journal as of 1 July 2015, when the current editor steps down. 

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