Support NEQ

As a non-profit organization, NEQ relies on the generosity of donors, both institutional and individual, to help meet its ongoing needs and develop strategies for addressing future goals and challenges. We are grateful for the ongoing support that Northeastern University, the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council provide.  

The Annual Appeal

In addition to the help we receive from institutional donors, NEQ has been blessed by the hundreds of charitable donations made by subscribers who have, since 2004, answered our Annual Appeal. We invite you to join them. If you are interested in making a contribution to this year's Appeal, please send an inquiry to the following address: 

The New England Quarterly
Northeastern University
Meserve Hall 2nd Floor
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

Friends of the New England Quarterly

In a gesture of appreciation for the generosity of our benefactors, we list all those whose domations amount to one hundred dollars or more. Although only gifts of $100 and upwards qualify for the Friends of New England Quarterly status, donations made in any amount are tax-deductible and gratefully received and acknowledged.