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Congratulations to 2014 Whitehill Prize winner Douglas L. Winiarski.

Professor Winiarski's essay, "Lydia Prout's Dreadfullest Thought" will be published in a forthcoming issue of The New England Quarterly. 

In the June 2015 issue of NEQ 

Sybil Ludington, the Female Paul Revere: The Making of a Revolutionary War Heroine, by Paula D. Hunt

William Larned, Overseer of the Poor: Power and Precariousness in the Early Republic, by Gabriel Loiacono

"The Most Satisfactory Villain That Ever Was": Charles W. Upham and The House of the Seven Gables, by Jonathan A. Cook

The "Contact of Living Souls": Shepard Gilbert's Civics Education in Reconstruction South Carolina, by Robert G. Mann

Boston in the Time of Cholera, by William C. Dowling

NEQ is pleased to announce the release of our first BATCH from MITPress.  

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Sybil Ludington, "the female Paul Revere," a conversation between Paula Hunt and Marla Miller about material culture and American mythmaking. 

Andrew Menard and Laura Dassow Walls discuss nationalism and nature in Henry David Thoreau's Walking.

Patriot's Day with Robert Gross and Mary Babson Fuhrer

Richard Brown and Governor Michael Dukakis 

American Restaurants and Cuisine in the Mid-–Nineteenth Century 

Catcher in the Rye Podcast

Femininity, Fashion, and the Recasting of Radcliffe's Reputation, 1900–1950 

Native American Verterans of Connecticut's Volunteer Regiments and the Union Navy Podcast

See Announcements for more information about these podcasts. 

Images courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society

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