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Prof. Albert P. Pisano, Dean of the Jacobs of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, gave a presentation to Northeastern University on March 27, 2014, for the ECE Distinguished Speaker Series Seminar. He was with Prof. Matteo Rinaldi’s Ph.D. students in the picture (from left): Gwendolyn Hummel, Zhenyun Qian, Albert P. Pisano, and Yu Hui.



Zhenyun Qian was presenting his paper to the audience of oscillator session at IFCS 2013, Prague.



Yu Hui was presenting his paper to the judges of Best Student Paper Award at IFCS 2013, Prague.


Transducers 2013 reception

Prof. Rinaldi and his students with other participants on the reception of Transducers 2013 conference at
Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.
From left to right: Prof. Songbin Gong (UIUC), unknown, Prof. Giorgio Casinovi (Georgia Tech), Prof. Nicol McGruer (NEU),
Prof. Gianluca Piazza (CMU), Prof. Matteo Rinaldi (NEU), Yu Hui (NEU) and Zhenyun Qian (NEU)


Prof. Rinaldi and his colleagues and students getting together at the restaurant Cañas y Tapas during the
Transducers 2013 conference in Barcelona, Spain.
From left to right: Prof. Siavash Pourkamali (UT Dallas), Prof. Matteo Rinaldi (NEU), Yu Hui (NEU), Dr. Robert C. Roberts (HKU),
Prof. Songbin Gong (UIUC), Cristian Cassella (CMU) and Zhenyun Qian (NEU)


Yu and Prof. Rinaldi at IEEE Sensors 2012, Taipei, Taiwan, Oct. 28 2012


We had an enjoyable group dinner together on Oct. 4th 2012 at Uno Chicago Grill.
From left to right: Zhenyun Qian, Shailesh Tendulkar, Raul Vyas, Marcus Amilcar, Yu Hui, Prof. Matteo Rinaldi

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