Toxic Trespass, Regulatory Failure, and Opportunities for Grassroots Activism

A talk on the major market-sector and state policy campaigns to remove toxic chemicals from our bodies and the environment, alongside a preview of things to come in the field of environmental health campaigning.

Monday, March 19th | 5:30-7:00 pm
10 Behrakis | 30 Leon Street
Northeastern University

JUDITH ROBINSON is Executive Director of the Environmental Health Fund, a national environmental organization working to transform policies and practices that lead to chemical contamination and related public health impacts.  She is also the founding Coordinator of the Coming Clean Collaborative of over 200 environmental health and justice groups, health professionals, scientists, labor advocates, sustainable business leaders, faith groups, and disease service and prevention groups that work together on inter-related strategies to transform the energy and chemical dependent markets in the U.S., to leverage exposure science on chemicals into campaigns for precaution and health, to build support for synergistic policy initiatives nationwide, and to develop support for toxic chemical substitution and clean energy solutions worldwide. She has worked on numerous reports, including: “Is It In Us: Toxic Trespass, Regulatory Failure, and Opportunities for Action”; “Mind Disrupted: How Toxic Chemicals May Change Who We Are and How We Think”; “No Silver Lining: An Investigation into Bisphenol A in Canned Foods.”

Sponsored by Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative and the Department of Health Sciences.


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