Research Projects

The Philanthropy and Environmental Justice Research Project:

The purpose of this project is to shed light on both the environmental burden placed on lower income and minority neighborhoods, and on the lack of philanthropic funding that goes towards these issues. From this it is the hope of the researchers that a more effective partnership between the environmental justice movement and the philanthropic community can be formed.

 The Climate Justice Project:

This project investigates the social effects climate change may have on lower income communities within the context of environmental justice. An emphasis is placed on the growing number of “climate refugees” displaced by natural disasters and on developing policies that could greater help them.

 New England Environmental Justice Research Project:

This project focuses on uncovering the social disparities that present themselves when looking at the placement of ecological and human health problems within New England. It also strives to find policy solutions that could help remedy these issues.

 Project on American Environmental Justice Politics, Policy, and Ethics

 Central American Environmental Policy Research Project

 Project on Globalization and Environmental Justice

 Project on Chemical Trespass and Pinkwashing:

The aim of this projects is to look into the possible connections between the large number of chemicals now within our environment and bodies, and the rising rates of cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities and many other diseases.  The researchers on this project are also interested in who may be benefiting from the persistence of this chemicals in the world around us.

Environmental Justice and Emerging Technologies Project