Marci Gerulis-Darcy

Marci Gerulis-Darcy, Ph.D. is a Research Associate with the Central American Environmental Policy Research Project of NEJRC, and is a Faculty Member and Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Augsburg College and Metropolitan State University in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota.  Marci earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from Northeastern University in 2008.  Her substantive focus in sociology is dual-based in environmental and disaster sociology.  Her research on these topics led her to Nicaragua in 2002 in order to conduct research for her doctoral dissertation.  She continues to analyze the intersection of political and economic-related environmental degradation with the increasing ferocity and incidence of natural disaster, particularly in Nicaragua and Latin America.  Her ongoing research centers on the exploration of differential access to assets and entitlements (and other types of capital) as these resources relate to differential levels of vulnerability to and resilience from disaster.


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