Lora Karaoglu

Lora Karaoglu is a Research Associate with the Globalization, Environmental/Climate Justice Project of NEJRC and she serves as a Sr. Lecturer at College of Professional Studies at Northeastern. Her areas of specialization and interests include globalization, environmental sociology, climate change & climate justice, political economy & ecology, environmental & social movements, community organizing, and sustainable development. She is the recipient of the Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Provost’s Office at Northeastern. Her dissertation is entitled Globalization, Ecological Unequal Exchange, and Climate Justice: The case of Turkey and the European Union. Her research (both quantitative and qualitative) demonstrates how the inequities associated with the social and ecological costs are magnified by the liberalization of economic policy and the integration of semi-peripheral nations into the global economy. Also, her study contributes to the theory in the areas of appropriation of land and energy through trade, as well as the production and consumption-based environmental degradation paradox. It challenges the ecological modernization and neoliberal tenets on global trade. She also examined the socio-ecological impacts of unequal ecological exchange at Köprülü Canyon and its buffer zones by conducting interviews. She is in the process of submitting two articles for publication: Unequal Agricultural Exchange: Turkish Fallacy, and Unequal Ecological Exchange: the EU and Turkey. She has served as a consultant/ international development specialist to various national and international organizations. She designed a sustainable forestry program for a developing country, wrote proposals and received grants from United Nations’ Higher Committees for Refuges, and designed a comprehensive survey research. As a former executive director of the International Center of Worcester, she wrote and received federal and local grants. She established programs to support sustainable agriculture, international volunteerism, and international training & development. Through USAID and USIA grants, a number of professionals from various countries in Africa and the Europe were trained at nonprofit agencies, such as Heifer International. She has academic and community-based experience in the field of environmental sociology and environmental justice both in the U.S. and overseas. She enjoys doing public service as a volunteer.

Contact Information: l.karaoglu@neu.edu