Eric Krieg

Eric Krieg (Ph.D. Northeastern University, 1995) is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Buffalo State College in New York.  Much of his research on environmental justice develops innovative measures of exposure to ecological hazards and quantitatively analyzes the social and geographic distribution of ecological hazards across communities in New England and Buffalo, NY.  More recently his research analyzes the environmental implications of and resistance to the trend toward industrialized milk production in Vermont.  During a recent sabbatical in Santiago, Chile, he extended these efforts by working extensively with census data and agricultural census data.  His most recent publications include an introductory statistics textbook (Statistics and Data Analysis for Social Science), a chapter in A Landscape History of New England by Harrison and Judd, and a forthcoming article in The American Journal of Economics and Sociology entitled “The Social and Environmental Costs of Milk Production: Trends and Resistance in Vermont.”  His teaching includes, among others, the following courses:  Environment and Society, Sociology of Buffalo, Social Data Analysis.

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