Lois Gibbs

^ HEAT Executive Board & NEJRC Director Daniel Faber with Lois Gibbs ^


Lois Gibbs is Executive Director of the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (CHEJ).  In 1978, she helped form the Love Canal Homeowners Association, and led a three-year struggle to have President Jimmy Carter deliver an Emergency Declaration for Love Canal. In 1981, Lois created the Citizens Clearinghouse For Hazardous Wastes (now CEHJ), an organization that has assisted over 10,000 grassroots environmental groups with organizing, technical, and general information nationwide.  As the author of Love Canal and the Birth of the Environmental Health Movement, Lois discusses how Love Canal  became synonymous with the struggle for environmental health and justice.  She has also authored Achieving the Impossible: Stories of Courage, Caring and Community, where she illustrates how ordinary people are creating extraordinary changes in their communities.  She is a recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize, the Heinz Award, and the Green Corps Environmental Leadership Award.