Dr. Susan Shaw

Dr. Susan Shaw is a marine toxicologist, author, explorer, ocean advocate, and director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) based in Blue Hill, Maine. For the past two decades, Dr. Shaw has conducted pioneering research documenting the effects of hundreds of man-made chemicals in the ocean environment. She is credited as the first scientist to show that flame retardant chemicals used in consumer products have contaminated marine mammals and commercially important fish stocks in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. Her research has influenced policy decisions in the US and abroad, including the Maine legislature’s decision to ban the neurotoxic flame retardant Deca, and the subsequent US phase-out of the chemical.

She currently serves on the Strategic Sciences Working Group (SSWG), the U.S. Department of Interior’s team of 14 scientists charged with assessing health consequences of the Gulf-BP oil spill and recommending policy actions to lessen stress in the region. She is also chair/founder of The Explorers Club State of the Oceans Forums highlighting solutions to the crisis facing the world’s oceans.The recipient of numerous awards, Shaw was named Gulf of Maine “Visionary” by the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment representing the New England states and Atlantic Canada.