Cindi Luppi

Cindy Luppi is a senior strategist and steering committee member for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national effort dedicated to replacing toxic chemicals in personal care products with safer alternatives. Cindy is also the New England Director of Clean Water Action.

Since 1994, she has helped Clean Water to coordinate a number of coalitions and community-based efforts to reduce pollution and promote a cleaner, more sustainable economy. In addition to acting as regional director, she supervises Clean Water’s program in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Among other clean energy and climate initiatives, she coordinated the Northeast Clean Power Campaign which successfully pressed for clean-up of the region’s biggest industrial polluters, the oldest and most polluting coal and oil-fired power plants in New England. She represents Clean Water Action on the Green Justice Coalition which is dedicated to stimulating green jobs creation in growth sectors such as energy efficiency and providing pathways out of poverty in low income communities of color in Massachusetts.

She is currently helping to staff SAFER, a multi-state network of diverse environmental health coalitions pressing for new state and national chemical policies that will prevent harm to our health. Prior to her work at Clean Water, Cindy coordinated the Cree Speaking Tour for Massachusetts Save James Bay and was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Central African Republic.




Professor Daniel Faber with Cindi Luppi (center) and Erin Boles