IMG_3346Daniel Faber, Director of NEJRC, celebrates with fellow activists from the 2016 Toxics Action Environmental Conference at Northeastern.  Pictured with Dr. Faber are Jane Kleeb, founder of Bold Nebraska;  Elena Letona of Neighbor to Neighbor; and Kalila Barnett of Alternatives for Community and Environment.  The panel was entitled, “Environmental Justice on the Ground: Building Powerful, Authentic Partnerships for Change.”


NEJRC is proud to announce the release of a new report by Becca Berkey! Just Farming: An Environmental Justice Perspective on the Capacity of Grassroots Organizations to Support the Rights of Organic Farmers and Laborers looks at how justice-relaed issues (such as pay, access to housing and health care) are impacting farmers and farmworkers on organic farms in the northeastern United States.  Becca also looks at the role of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) in addressing these issues.  Check out the report and/or executive summary in our publications section, or by clicking here for the report and here for the executive summary.

What is NEJRC?

The Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative (NEJRC) is made up of scholars dedicated to building a more transformative environmentalism in the United States and around the world. Based at Northeastern University, NEJRC Associates collaborate with policy makers, elected officials, environmental advocates, foundation officials, scholars, students, community activists, the media, and the general public to provide timely research and commentary on critical social and environmental justice issues, and to promote an alternative political ecology for the new millennium. Our reports and publications have contributed to the adoption of new government regulations and policies, as well as innovative programs and projects from foundations, non-profit organizations, and progressive movements for social change. Explore our website to learn more about NEJRC, and how you might join us in our efforts.