Our deepest sympathy and condolences are sent to the people of Japan, and in particular to our esteemed colleagues in Magnetism at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. Please view the letter from Prof. Takao Suzuki, President, IEEE Magnetics Society.

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Media Attention

“Powerful Pull To New Magnets”, Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) Supply problems with vital rare-earth metals attract new magnet-making methods: By Mitch Jacoby (Volume 91 Issue 1 | pp. 23-25 Issue Date: January 7, 2013 [link]

“UMass Amherst Researcher Helps Develop Supermagnets Using Materials That Mimic Iron-Nickel Found in Meteorites”, Dec. 11, 2012, UMass-Amherst Office of News and Media Relations

Nature Chemistry | The Sceptical Chymist, “Fall MRS 2012: Rare earth magnets — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!” 03 Dec 2012 -- Posted by Stuart Cantrill, on behalf of Ros Daw, Senior Editor, Nature. [link]

Read the article “Loss of attraction: We're running out of magnets” New Scientist (UK), 30 October 2012 by Richard Web
Magazine issue 2888.

“New Responses to the Rare Earth Crisis”, L. H. Lewis and B. Fahimi, Magnetics Technology International / Annual 2012; Magnetics Technology International is a fully illustrated international technology review showcasing the state-of-the-art in design, development, and application of advanced magnets and magnetized products.

First published in May 2011 this Global Review is circulated to an international readership of 8,000 key decision makers at the world's magnetic product suppliers; heads of R&D, testing and quality control, manufacturing chiefs and senior engineering management. With ever increasing demands placed on magnetic products, this global review is a critical source of information, written by the industry for the industry.

“While Rare-Earth Trade Dispute Heats Up, Scientists Seek Alternatives”; by Catherine T. Yang for National Geographic News (Published March 30, 2012) [link]