CitySMARTS, which stands for “Students Making A Revolutionary Transformation in urban Society,” is a graduate student group founded by members of the MURP program.

CitySMARTS provides a forum for students – both in and outside of the MURP program – to get together and discuss classes, share research ideas, work on projects to improve the community, and get to know each other better. For instance, a research project that a public policy student is working on can sometimes benefit from the input of an architect or civil engineer. Similarly, a student may not know that he or she is applying to a job where another student works. CitySMARTS attempts to provide linkages between students that would be otherwise unavailable.

The group also has a community service focus. Many members are connected to programs that have a focus on public policy or public service, and therefore the students tend to be interested in community improvement initiatives. Some students have attended local campaign events together, while others have organized community projects such as a massive recycling drive when students move back on campus in early September. One of the strengths of the group is its interdisciplinary nature, assuring that almost everyone will find shared interests with others.


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