The minor in Media and Screen Studies can enhance the creativity of your major, no matter what it is.  A minor permits students to gain critical tools that can be used to study the relationship of media to society, history, performance, philosophy, or psychology. We have two minors: Media and Screen Studies and Film Production. To enroll in the minor, contact Professor Joanne Morreale (214 Holmes, j.morreale@neu.edu).

Minor in Media and Screen Studies 

Required Courses:

MSCR 1220 Media, Culture, Society
MSCR 1300 Television: Text and Context OR CINE 1895 Film Analysis

Electives: (Choose Three)                                                                                                                        
CINE1388 Topics in American Film; CINE 2160 Narrative Filmmaking; MSCR 2302 Advertising and Promotional Culture; MSCR 2304 20thCentury Media; MSCR 2305 Digital Media Culture; CINE 2350 History of Film;CINE 2394 Modern Film and Global Culture; MSCR 3210 Special Topics in Media and Screen Studies; CINE 3395 American Film Survey; MSCR 3402 Television and Society; MSCR 3422 Media Audiences; MSCR 3426 Popular Music as Media Form; MSCR 3435 Media Industries; MSCR3437 Media and Identity; CINE 3446 Topics in Documentary; CINE 3500 Film Theory; CINE 3899 Screenwriting; MSCR 4206 Age, Media and Representation; MSCR 4208 Television History; CINE 3920 Topics in Cinema Studies; CINE 4560 Directing the Short Film; MSCR 4623 Theories of Media and Culture.

Minor in Film Production

Required Courses:

CINE 1895 Film Analysis
CINE 2160 Narrative Filmmaking

Electives(Choose Three)    
MSCR 1300 (Television: Text and Context); MSCR 3435 (Media industries); CINE 2350 (History of Film); CINE 3446 (Topics in Documentary Production); CINE 3899 (Screenwriting); CINE 3500 (Film Theory); CINE 4560 (Directing the Short Fiction Film); ARTH 2212 (Survey of the Still and Moving Image) ARTH 2217 (American Animation Film); ARTD 2380 (Video Basics), ARTD 2370 (Animation Basics);  ARTD 3480 (Video 1); ARTD 4580 (Video 2); ARTE 4901 (Short Film Production and Development); COMM 4650 (Digital Editing for TV and Film); MUSC 1113 (Film Music); THTR 2345 (Acting for the Camera); IM 1110 (Interactive Media and Society); I 2100 (Digital Narrative): IM 2200 (Digital Narrative 2); IM 2300 (Managing Media Development); IM 2400 (Web Design and Development)

Requirements for the minor are also listed at the website of the Northeastern University Office of the Registrar

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