Students may either combine Media and Screen Studies with another major, or they may combine half templates in Media and Screen Studies and Cinema Studies to make a full major. There are currently combined majors in Media and Screen Studies with the following departments: Communication Studies, English, Journalism, Sociology, and Theatre. Because Media and Screen Studies was formerly Cinema Studies, currently there are a number of Cinema Studies combined degrees with the following departments: Digital Art, English, Journalism, Languages/Literatures/Cultures, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Theatre.   Students are also encouraged to create their own combinations by contacting the relevant programs and departments. There is a short approval process for new combinations.  See the director of Media and Screen Studies for more information.

Cooperative Education placements and internships demonstrate to students how the fundamental aspects of the Media and Screen Studies combined major: visual literacy, effective communication, collaborative teamwork, critical thinking, and analytic skills, are valuable in a variety of work settings. The Cooperative Education and/or Internship experience assists Cinema Studies combined majors in assessing their short and long-term goals in terms of undergraduate educational focus, graduate school preparation, and career aspirations. It helps them to understand their own values, ethics, and ideas in the context of the professions that they experience while on Co-op/Internship. Their placements also serve to expose them to a variety of professional people who may serve as mentors in the present and future.

The following types of organizations typically provide students with the best opportunities to develop research, writing and visual communication skills, as well as analytical and critical skills relevant to their major(s): website development companies, documentary production companies, advertising agencies, Boston-based film units of commercial film productions, independent feature productions, WGBH,  film distributors, art houses, and area film festivals.

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