Student Spotlight

Brandon Isaacson, vice president of NUFEC (Northeastern University Film Enthusiasts Club),  will be representing NU at the Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium. The program selects only 25 students from all over the world to meet with filmmakers and view and discuss films at the festival. You can read about it here:

Combined MSCR/Communication Studies major Elena Guy won the award for Best Drama at the Campus Filmfest. The film Flint described the ups and downs of a relationship through post-it notes. The film will be screened in Hollywood. See it here: Flint.

Combined Journalism/MSCR major Young Kim presented “The Milkman” at the Campus Filmfest.  It satirized peer pressure around drinking.  See the film here: The Milkman

Marie Sullivan won the Northeastern Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for her short documentary film titled Finders Keepers.  The award goes to four students who exhibit qualities that are intrinsic to the entrepreneurial spirit,  such as risk-taking, creativity, resilience, and innovation.  Finders Keepers is an exploration of urban social issues that examines a group of “dumpster divers”  who hunt for usable food and products that would otherwise be wasted.  It illuminates the culture of dumpster diving by following Boston’s dedicated foragers in their mission to find treasures amidst the trash.   You can view the film at:
Finders Keepers (2012)

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