For information about the Media and Screen Studies combined majors and the minor, contact Professor Joanne Morreale (214 Holmes,, 617-373-2506)

Central Advising for all combination majors is provided by Margaret Loscutio in 1 Meserve Hall.

The Experiential Learning requirement is automatically satisfied by the following courses: CINE3446, 4500, or 4550. However, students are strongly encouraged to complete additional internships for credit, or to experience a study abroad program or one or more “Dialogues of Civilizations” programs. Students with production experience can also apply to complete individual video projects under the supervision of a faculty advisor.


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    Media and Screen Studies
    114 Holmes Hall
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    617 373-3000

    Carol Medige
    Administrative Assistant

    Joanne Morreale
    Interim Director
    214 Holmes Hall
    Northeastern University