Media and Screen Studies Courses

Required Classes:

MSCR 1220: Media, Culture, Society
MSCR 1300: Television: Text & Context OR CINE 1895: Introduction to Film Analysis
MSCR 4623: Theories of Media and Culture (Capstone)

Elective Courses: (take four)

CINE 1200: Exploring the Humanities through Film
CINE 1230: American Film and Culture
CINE 1250: Screen Icons and Popular Culture
CINE 2160: Narrative Filmmaking
CINE1388: Topics in American Film
CINE 2256: Screen Bodies
MSCR 2302: Advertising and Promotional Culture
MSCR 2305: Digital Media Culture
MSCR 2304: 20th Century Media
MSCR 2325: Global Media
CINE 2336: American Film
CINE 2340: Revolution and Film
CINE 2350: History of Film
CINE 2394: Modern Film and Global Culture
MSCR: 3210: Special Topics in MSCR
CINE 3346: Topics in Documentary Production
MSCR 3402: Television and Society
MSCR 3422: Media Audiences
MSCR 3426: Popular Music as Media Form
MSCR 3435: Media Industries
MSCR 3437: Media and Identity

Upper Level Elective Courses: (take two)

CINE 3389: Screenwriting
CINE 3370: Contemporary Directions in Cinema
CINE 3920: Topics in Cinema Studies
MSCR 4206: Age, Media, and Representation
MSCR 4602: Media and Democracy
CINE 3392: Women and Film
CINE 3500: Film Theory
MSCR 4208: Television History
CINE 4560: Directing the Short Fiction Film
MSCR 4622: Special Topics in MSCR

View the Registrar’s most recent listing for all courses (updated weekly). You many look under two subject codes: MSCR/Media and Screen Studies for media courses and Media/Cinema Studies for film courses.

For course descriptions, check the current catalog for an updated list (go to the registrar’s website by clicking on the link to the right of the homepage).  For a description of currently offered topics courses, look at the “Topics Courses” page.

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