Media and Screen Studies is  devoted exclusively to the study and production of media. Through a wide-range of courses, students are exposed to different ways to think about media content, media platforms, and media production. When they graduate, students who major in Media and Screen Studies will be equipped with more than a set of practical skills; more importantly, as they enter the work environment MSCR majors will have the knowledge to think critically about a continually changing and volatile industry  and the complicated relationships that exist between media, culture and society.

“Screen” is emphasized because it is increasingly important to explore the interfaces through which we experience media and their connection to past media experiences. Our interest in the “screen” is also evident in the degrees we offer in Cinema Studies. However, we also recognize that in the 21st century it is increasingly difficult to separate film from other media, both in terms of the structures of the media industries and also in the ways in which people view and create film and media.

Our courses are organized around objects and issues central to understanding media. Reflecting the way in which media has traditionally been taught on campus, courses are organized around key media forms: television, film, and popular music. We also offer courses devoted to the media industries and their audiences. Other courses focus on the importance of media representations in cultural understandings of identity and the organization and content of media in the globalized markets and cultures of the 21st century.


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