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Northeastern University’s 2nd Annual International Conference


Multi-Scale Renewable Energy Storage

MRES 2014


From Materials Challenges to System Integration and Application


Will take place on August 19 – 21, 2014, on the Northeastern University Boston Campus.


Globally, the use of traditional energy sources have come under increased pressure for reform due to tighter competition for traditional resources and ever increasing evidence of climate change. Towards the goal of lowering our carbon footprint and indigenizing our resource base there exists a significant gap in our ability to store large amounts of energy in a safe and viable fashion.


This 2nd annual conference constitutes a continuing conversation on the available and desired solutions and timelines for their adoption. Its scope will focus on the science, technology, policy and entrepreneurial challenges for enabling new novel energy storage solutions for the future sustainable green energy initiatives. Government leaders, entrepreneurs and front-line researchers from industry and academia will share their experiences and present solutions for enabling these technologies to become commercially viable.


This meeting is sponsored by College of Science and Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University and organized by NUCRET – Northeastern University Center for Renewable Energy Technology.


Proposed Scope of the Conference

•    Aqueous and non-aqueous flow batteries
•    Next generation battery technologies and materials challenges
•    Liquid metal batteries
•    Graphene, sodium and other new energy storage technologies
•    Fuel cells and hydrogen storage development and infrastructure
•    Ultra-, capacitors and hybrid energy storage devices
•    Safety, reliability and reproducibility across technologies and applications
•    System integration, implementation and industrial application
•    Government perspective and funding opportunities



Honorary Program Committee

Dr. Imre Gyuk, Program Manager, Energy Storage Research, U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. William Tumas, Director of Chemical and Materials Science Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Michael J. Aziz, Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Dr. Sanjeev Mukerjee, Professor, Northeastern University, Director – NUCRET

Dr. Trung Nguyen, Professor, The University of Kansas


Organizing Committee

Dr. Sanjeev Mukerjee, Professor, Northeastern University, Director – NUCRET

Dr. Sri Narayan, Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Dr. Venkatesan Renugopalakrishnan, Prof. Childrens Hospital, Harvard Medical School; and Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University

Dr. Serge Pann, Executive Director – NUCRET, Northeastern University


About the organizer – NUCRET

Northeastern University Center for Renewable Energy Technology (NUCRET), established in 2009, aims to further research and education at Northeastern University; dedicated to the mission of advancing our knowledge and practice of advanced technologies as applied to efficient renewable and sustainable energy conversion and storage.




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