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About The App

Northeastern’s mobile application is built on a unique development platform that enables periodic updates without having to download from the store. Whenever there is a new feature or an update is available, it will be pushed to your device so that the next time you open the app, while you are connected to a network, you’ll receive it automatically.

As this is the first release of the Northeastern University mobile application, there are a few items of note that you may experience when using certain features:

  • In the Social Media section, when returning from viewing a You Tube video, the display will may shift upwards if using an iPhone 4.
  • On an iPhone, when going to the Directory to Search by Name and then searching, the application will crash when clicking on the magnifying glass
  • There are special character issues in blog entries.
  • The map display does not fill the page when going to Admissions, then to Undergraduate, and then to NU in Your Area.
  • On an Android, the display requires scrolling when viewing the homepage in landscape mode.

To restart the app, if needed:

iPhone, iPod, iPad

  1. Make sure the app is closed;
  2. Double-click Home Button. The screen will raise up showing multiple applications on the task bar on the bottom of the screen;
  3. Restart app step 2

  4. Find Northeastern app (Red “N” icon). Scroll left or right on the task bar if necessary;
  5. Press and hold Northeastern icon until the icons on the task bar start shaking;
  6. Press red minus sign in the upper left corner of the Northeastern icon;
  7. Restart app step 4

  8. Click Home button once to close the task bar;
  9. Click on the app.

NOTE: This procedure works to restart any app in iOS.


While you’re on the home screen, press the MENU button (which is on the device – not on the screen/app), you’ll see four options:

  1. About
  2. Refresh Config
  3. Exit
  4. Refresh Screen

By selecting “Refresh Config” or “Exit” you kill the app and then when we re-enter the app – a config is downloaded.

Alternatively, you can “Force Stop” the application and next time you access the app, new configuration will be downloaded.